Postal News Archives July 2019


Postal Service Tractor-Trailer Hangs From Overpass Comments (Count)
Wainwright residents protest lack of mail service Comments (Count)
Mail carrier ejected from USPS truck in Burbank crash Comments (Count)
Mail delivered late? Madison mail carrier says there’s a severe staffing shortage Comments (Count)


How US postal inspectors go undercover on the dark web Comments (Count)
Danny Glover: My parents proudly worked for the USPS. Don’t destroy it Comments (Count)
Tropical Storm Barry may impact ecommerce shipping corridor Comments (Count)
USPS officials join FBI for ‘law enforcement” operations at wellness center Comments (Count)
Longtime Windsor Mail Carrier Honored for Helping Injured Woman Comments (Count)
USPS Recruiting at Long Island Malls Comments (Count)
Letter Carriers open bargaining with USPS on new pact Comments (Count)


Denver mail carriers call Westwood neighborhood ‘Dogwood’ due to dog attacks Comments (Count) petition to remove PMG claims USPS customer service number is just bots Comments (Count)
Dead letter finds its way home Comments (Count)
Trona post office temporarily closed due to earthquake damage Comments (Count)


Postal Hub Podcast Episode 162: US Postal Regulatory Reform Comments (Count)
Amazon is gaining in deliveries at the Postal Service’s expense Comments (Count)
Pokemon collectors say rare $60,000 trading card was lost in the mail Comments (Count)
8-year-old hit by mail truck in Norfolk Comments (Count)
Hobson City Works to Get Its Own ZIP Code Comments (Count)
Auburn woman, 82, has been delivering mail for 50 years Comments (Count)


Business Plan, and Reforms, Still Not Delivered by USPS Comments (Count)
Amazon Workers Plan Prime Day Strike at Minnesota Warehouse Comments (Count)
A future without lost mail: Stamps with QR codes studied by Singapore Comments (Count)


Hampton Falls man’s mailbox invention seen as a lifesaver  |  Slide Me Out Mailbox Bracket Comments (Count)
Co-owner of postal uniform manufacturer sentenced to two years, ordered to repay $284,736 Comments (Count)


Postal Service undercutting Trump administration’s efforts to fix unfair postal rates with China? Comments (Count)
Postal worker robbed of packages by woman with rifle Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit: Routes not delivered at College Station in NY (PDF) Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: The Postal Service and the Evolution of PC Postage Comments (Count)


UK: Post Office Blown Up for Cash Machine Comments (Count)
Mail carrier tosses fragile packages in driveway Comments (Count)


Amazon is moving away from USPS and UPS, but late deliveries have doubled Comments (Count)
Math is hard for the USPS Comments (Count)
Will Postal Workers Ever Get Moisture Wicking Shirts? Comments (Count)


Lexington: Postal Service Losses Sharply Accelerate – On Track to Lose $10B This Year Comments (Count)
$1,000 fine and community service for Alaska carrier who dumped 49 plastic tubs of mail Comments (Count)
Scorpions, millipedes get loose from package and run amok in mail truck Comments (Count)
Cluster mailbox placed in Santa Maria neighborhood after mail delivery was temporarily stopped Comments (Count)
This Waxahachie mail carrier literally runs her routes Comments (Count)
Fair Lawn Mail Carrier, 65, Hit By Pickup Driven by 18-Year-Old Comments (Count)
Can the USPS deliver on promise of new mail delivery trucks? Comments (Count)


New Albany postal worker honored for spotting forged money order Comments (Count)
Petition calls on USPS to give mail carriers bulletproof vests Comments (Count)
Postal banking, an idea whose time should never come Comments (Count)
USPS Focuses on Increasing Cyber Workforce Comments (Count)
How to debloat the postal bureaucracy Comments (Count)
Sarin possibly discovered in package at Facebook mailing facility Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Kickbacks and Conspiracy Comments (Count)


The National Postal Museum tells the history of America through moon mail, rare stamps, and one taxidermy dog Comments (Count)
Amazon is now its own biggest shipper Comments (Count)
National Postal Worker Day is Today July 1st Comments (Count)