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Postal Supervisors Sue for Better Pay
7.29.2019 – GovExec reports: “The National Association of Postal Supervisors filed its lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for D.C. on behalf of the 45,000 supervisors, managers, postmasters and technical specialists that make up its members. NAPS is seeking pay increases that would be mostly retroactive, covering the period from 2016 through 2019.” – NAPS Files Lawsuit Comments (Count)
Postal Service Floats Big Cuts to Employee Pay, Leave and Benefits
New postal workers would no longer earn a pension
7.02.2019 – GovExec reports: “USPS included a hike to the employee contribution level for pensions in a first draft of a 10-year business plan presented to lawmakers and stakeholders, according to multiple people who were briefed on it, as well as phasing out pensions altogether for new hires in favor of a defined-contribution system only. The Postal Service is looking to cut the amount of paid time off employees receive by merging annual and sick leave and pitched a popular proposal with demonstrated bipartisan backing to require all postal retirees to enroll in Medicare as their primary insurance provider.” – Comments (Count)

NY: USPS Business Mail Facilities Considered for Closure Comments (Count)
The Onion: New USPS Commercial Touts More Fingers From Kidnappers Sent Through Mail Than Other Shipping Companies Comments (Count)
Postal Banking? Minimum Security Devices and Procedures and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Comments (Count)
Minneapolis police investigating after postal workers shot at by BB gun Comments (Count)
Former postal supervisor to plead guilty to armed robbery of cash-filled USPS trucks Comments (Count)
Postal worker pleads guilty to stealing $20,000 Comments (Count)
Temporary Emergency Committee of the Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet Aug. 9 Comments (Count)
Russell police looking for person who drove into post office Comments (Count)
Watseka postal carrier retires after 25 years Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Opioid Case Recovery Comments (Count)
Dog blamed after neighborhood stops getting mail delivered Comments (Count)


Japan Post workers forged papers to sell insurance policies, internal document reveals Comments (Count)
US withdrawal from international mail treaty could alter delivery for APO-FPO addresses Comments (Count)
Washington Times: Reforming the Postal Service Comments (Count)


UPS wants to go full-scale with its drone deliveries Comments (Count)
Postal shooter pleads guilty Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery driver leaves unwanted ‘package’ in back yard Comments (Count)


Downtown post office worker retires after 40 years Comments (Count)
Amazon reports growing pains: One-day delivery costs a lot Comments (Count)
Feds seeking probation for ex-New Bedford postal worker who allegedly stole $20K from USPS Comments (Count)
Two letter carriers recognized as Million Mile Drivers From USPS Comments (Count)


Postal Service won’t drive over a certain bridge Comments (Count)
USPS offers $50K reward after mail carrier robbed in Cordova Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Delivery Scanning Issues – Surprise Branch, Surprise, AZ Comments (Count)


Amazon has quietly ordered 2,000-plus vans to deliver your Prime packages – and UPS and the Postal Service should feel stressed Comments (Count)
Brazen mail thieves target post offices, tear down ‘wanted’ posters Comments (Count)
Home builders working to preserve home mail delivery Comments (Count)
EBay Joins the Shipping Wars With Its Own Fulfillment Network Comments (Count)
These Northern Kentucky residents can’t get mail delivered to their houses Comments (Count)


USPS Big Rig Plows Into Home With Family Inside Comments (Count)
Tampa: 7 reporting chemical odor treated at airport postal center Comments (Count)
Sunday packages: USPS intends to deliver parcels for UPS Comments (Count)
Casanova postmaster retires after 29 years with the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Facebook belongs in banking. The USPS? Not so much. Comments (Count)
Postal worker killed in Love Co. crash Comments (Count)


UPS adds Sunday delivery in 2020 as Amazon threat looms Comments (Count)
North Bergen man arrested after knocking out postal worker in parking lot Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: No Holds Barred – Or Missed Comments (Count)
Amazon announces two new robotics fulfillment centers in Ohio Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Mail Delivery Issues – Cedar Elm Station, San Antonio, TX Comments (Count)
PRC Approves Lower Postal Rates Ahead of UPU Meeting Comments (Count)
Prime Day shoppers complain about Amazon delivery delays Comments (Count)
USPS Worker Delivers Amazing Rendition of ‘At Last’ to Celebrate Retirement Comments (Count)
Why FedEx and UPS Could Benefit From Postal Service’s Pension Problem Comments (Count)


Renowned architect Cesar Pelli dies at 92; one of his first buildings was a post office Comments (Count)
Mail carrier helps elderly woman get AC during dangerous heat wave Comments (Count)
Pasco post office evacuates after soda machine fire Comments (Count)


Consumer Postal Council: Fix the Postal Service Before It Goes Broke Comments (Count)


Monroe mailman goes above and beyond to help the community Comments (Count)
USPS Carriers Prepare for High Temps Comments (Count)
Amazon workers: ‘We are humans, not robots’ Comments (Count)
Dead baby chickens delivered to feed store owner Comments (Count)
Killeen neighborhood reports issues with USPS Comments (Count)


Mail carrier death in Texas leads to $198,897 penalty for Postal Service Comments (Count)
China Plans to Replace Postal Codes With ‘Personal Address IDs’ Comments (Count)
New Postal Rates Help Level Global Commerce, Trump Official Says Comments (Count)
FedEx sounds alarm over Amazon rapidly building package-delivery empire Comments (Count)
Post Office Marks 150 Years Comments (Count)
The Real Reason Dogs Seem to Hate Mailmen Comments (Count)
Postal worker convicted after delivering packages of pot to drug dealer in the employee parking lot Comments (Count)


Queens lawmaker introduces legislation to install ‘Cadillac of mailboxes’ nationwide Comments (Count)
Union city residents: No mail delivery for months Comments (Count)
Postal regulation nominees: USPS faces ‘very real threat’ to long-term viability Comments (Count)
Postmaster installed surveillance device in employees’ bathroom Comments (Count)
Here’s a warning for people still using the old blue mailboxes Comments (Count)
Sprint Sizzling Weekend Event for USPS Employees July 19-21 Comments (Count)


N.J. doctor, 3 others charged in $10M kickback scheme to prescribe pain cream to USPS workers Comments (Count)
UK: Postal worker delivers package by lobbing it through upstairs window Comments (Count)
Would-Be Postal Regulators Pledge to Hold Mailing Agency More Accountable Comments (Count)
Brother and sister duo retire from the Post Office Comments (Count)
Bezos admits USPS gave Amazon boost, risks angering Trump Comments (Count)
How Congress Manufactured a Postal Crisis – and How to Fix it Comments (Count)
Postal Service says man stole $200,000 in stamps in 7-state scheme Comments (Count)
Warren and Sanders praise Amazon Prime Day strikers Comments (Count)


Former postmaster destroyed mail Comments (Count)
USPS recognizes Scottsville carrier with Hero award Comments (Count)
USPS resumes mail delivery after Hurricane Barry Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Local Travel Reimbursements – Concord Main Post Office Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Delivery Scanning Issues – Franklin Park Post Office Comments (Count)
APWU: Acosta to Resign as Secretary of Labor Comments (Count)
Amazon Prime Day Starts at Midnight Tonight Comments (Count)
Korea: Bombarded with deliveries, veteran postal workers ask for family time Comments (Count)


Is Amazon ready to deliver its Prime Day orders? Comments (Count)
Man arrested for using arrow key to break into mailboxes Comments (Count)


Postal Service Tractor-Trailer Hangs From Overpass Comments (Count)
Wainwright residents protest lack of mail service Comments (Count)
Mail carrier ejected from USPS truck in Burbank crash Comments (Count)
Mail delivered late? Madison mail carrier says there’s a severe staffing shortage Comments (Count)


How US postal inspectors go undercover on the dark web Comments (Count)
Danny Glover: My parents proudly worked for the USPS. Don’t destroy it Comments (Count)
Tropical Storm Barry may impact ecommerce shipping corridor Comments (Count)
USPS officials join FBI for ‘law enforcement” operations at wellness center Comments (Count)
Longtime Windsor Mail Carrier Honored for Helping Injured Woman Comments (Count)
USPS Recruiting at Long Island Malls Comments (Count)
Letter Carriers open bargaining with USPS on new pact Comments (Count)


Denver mail carriers call Westwood neighborhood ‘Dogwood’ due to dog attacks Comments (Count) petition to remove PMG claims USPS customer service number is just bots Comments (Count)
Dead letter finds its way home Comments (Count)
Trona post office temporarily closed due to earthquake damage Comments (Count)


Postal Hub Podcast Episode 162: US Postal Regulatory Reform Comments (Count)
Amazon is gaining in deliveries at the Postal Service’s expense Comments (Count)
Pokemon collectors say rare $60,000 trading card was lost in the mail Comments (Count)
8-year-old hit by mail truck in Norfolk Comments (Count)
Hobson City Works to Get Its Own ZIP Code Comments (Count)
Auburn woman, 82, has been delivering mail for 50 years Comments (Count)


Business Plan, and Reforms, Still Not Delivered by USPS Comments (Count)
Amazon Workers Plan Prime Day Strike at Minnesota Warehouse Comments (Count)
A future without lost mail: Stamps with QR codes studied by Singapore Comments (Count)


Hampton Falls man’s mailbox invention seen as a lifesaver  |  Slide Me Out Mailbox Bracket Comments (Count)
Co-owner of postal uniform manufacturer sentenced to two years, ordered to repay $284,736 Comments (Count)


Postal Service undercutting Trump administration’s efforts to fix unfair postal rates with China? Comments (Count)
Postal worker robbed of packages by woman with rifle Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit: Routes not delivered at College Station in NY (PDF) Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: The Postal Service and the Evolution of PC Postage Comments (Count)


UK: Post Office Blown Up for Cash Machine Comments (Count)
Mail carrier tosses fragile packages in driveway Comments (Count)


Amazon is moving away from USPS and UPS, but late deliveries have doubled Comments (Count)
Math is hard for the USPS Comments (Count)
Will Postal Workers Ever Get Moisture Wicking Shirts? Comments (Count)


Lexington: Postal Service Losses Sharply Accelerate – On Track to Lose $10B This Year Comments (Count)
$1,000 fine and community service for Alaska carrier who dumped 49 plastic tubs of mail Comments (Count)
Scorpions, millipedes get loose from package and run amok in mail truck Comments (Count)
Cluster mailbox placed in Santa Maria neighborhood after mail delivery was temporarily stopped Comments (Count)
This Waxahachie mail carrier literally runs her routes Comments (Count)
Fair Lawn Mail Carrier, 65, Hit By Pickup Driven by 18-Year-Old Comments (Count)
Can the USPS deliver on promise of new mail delivery trucks? Comments (Count)


New Albany postal worker honored for spotting forged money order Comments (Count)
Petition calls on USPS to give mail carriers bulletproof vests Comments (Count)
Postal banking, an idea whose time should never come Comments (Count)
USPS Focuses on Increasing Cyber Workforce Comments (Count)
How to debloat the postal bureaucracy Comments (Count)
Sarin possibly discovered in package at Facebook mailing facility Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Kickbacks and Conspiracy Comments (Count)


The National Postal Museum tells the history of America through moon mail, rare stamps, and one taxidermy dog Comments (Count)
Amazon is now its own biggest shipper Comments (Count)
National Postal Worker Day is Today July 1st Comments (Count)