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Hunt for the Anthrax Mailer
One Possible Anthrax Scenario
It's possible that the 9/11 hijackers are responsible for the Florida anthrax case and an American scientist/insider is responsible for the other cases.
A Year Later: Evidence points to foreign terrorists as anthrax culprits
Intel research analyst: Matrix suggests September 11th, anthrax mailings are linked
Anamailer is probably tied to September 11th
FBI analysis suggesting anthrax mailer is domestic may be wrong.
Seeds of Terror?
Geographic coincidences tie Steven Hatfill to 1930s and 40s gas attacks in Illinois and Virginia

Mattoon, Illinois is infamous for a supposed gas attack during World War 2. Steven Hatfill, described by the FBI as a "person of interest" in the anthrax investigation, was raised in Mattoon.
The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Remembering the Mad Gasser

Postal Opinions/Editorials
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Ethical Implications of the Mystery Shopper Program
By Bob Wilson, 6/17/2009
Postal Inspector General Delivers Valuable Results
By Robert R. Schrum, 1/24/2008
Post Office May Not Last 'Forever'
An interview with Charles Guy.
A United Vision
By Ronald Williams, Jr., 4/22/2007
Threats and Intimidation Is Not a Management Style, It's a Sign of Unprofessionalism
Postal Reform: Everyone Stands in the Way
Sam Ryan writes: "At every twist and turn, labor unions and special-interest groups have either stood in the way or withheld their support for consumer-friendly changes."
By Sam Ryan, 10/18/2006
USPS Letter Carriers' Pay Lags Behind UPS Drivers' Pay
On average, UPS drivers make about $3 to $8 per hour more than USPS letter carriers. NALC should work hard to close that pay gap during current contract negotiations.
PostalMag.com, 9/18/2006
Top Ten Postal Stories of 2005
As seen from our perspective.
Dec. 31, 2005
Editorial: Lessons from the Internet Could Save the Postal Service
Is the Internet a mail killer? Not hardly! In fact, the Postal Service could make a killing by employing strategies used by Google.com and other Internet sites.
By T.L. Righter, 9/18/2006
Leaving Postal Workers Behind
President Bush likes to say that no worker should be left behind. But his administration is proposing legislation that would leave postal workers behind.
By T.L. Righter, 12/30/2004
Route Adjustment Process Needs a Complete Overhaul
All Options Should Be Considered, Including Evaluated Routes and Measured Routes
By T.L. Righter, 7/10/2004
Direct Mail Has An Image Problem
How do we know? 99 percent of Americans refer to it as "junk" mail!
By T.L. Righter, 10/29/2003
Where's the Outrage?
There's not any, because Priority Mail is still a great deal!
PostalMag.com, 4/20/2003
Recent Mailpiece Initiatives Contradict Total Automation Vision
USPS could have the best of all worlds (total automation, revenue and volume) with a little foresight.
By T.L. Righter, 4/14/2003
European Postal Services are Embracing the Net
USPS needs to follow their lead and develop a national e-mail address.
PostalMag.com, 2/25/2003
Postal Commission Members Already Know Everything They Need to Know
By T.L. Righter, 1/19/2003
Postmaster General Potter Is On A Roll
By T.L. Righter, 11/13/2002
A Year Later: Evidence points to foreign terrorists as anthrax culprits
By T.L. Righter, 9/11/2002
September 11th: One Year Later, USPS Grapples With Old, New Problems
By T.L. Righter, 9/11/2002
The USPS Needs to 'Get Up to Speed', And Quick!
The USPS should forget about the Segway HT and convert all routes to curbline and centralized delivery. Cluster Box Units (CBUs), such as those available from MailBoxes.com, can help the Postal Service to become more efficient and cost effective.
By T.L. Righter, August 2002
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Postal Happiness
Theory X is ultimately un-American. How about a little more Theory Y at the Post Office? An Independence Day season message from T.L. Righter.

An interview with T.L. Righter on the current state of postal affairs
Question: Can the USPS afford the high-priced Tran$formation Plan?
By T.L. Righter, 4/29/2002
Restructuring the Postal Service for the 21st Century
The USPS must transform itself to meet the unique needs and challenges of the 21st century.
By T.L. Righter, 2/18/2002
Privatizing the Postal Service
By W. Floyd Vaughn, Postmaster of Clemmons NC and Adjunct Professor at High Point University.
Business Fairy, "Please Make Me A Real Business"
By T.L. Righter, 7/16/2001
Mystery Shopper Program Runs Amok: Program exposes ethics flaws in transforming USPS from service-oriented to business-oriented agency
By T.L. Righter,  6/27/2001
USPS Productivity Rose 56 percent between 1971 and 1997
PostalMag.com report contradicts GAO report which stated 11 percent.
Salary Cap Hinders USPS From Hiring Top Executive for Postmaster General
By T.L. Righter, 5/21/2001
"The Sixth Day": Eliminating Saturday Delivery Makes Too Much Sense - That's Why It Won't Happen
By T.L. Righter
Why Postal Workers Should Favor Privatization
By Ed Hudgins


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