Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

VIDEO: APWU Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

President Dimondstein's fourth interest arbitration update highlights the most recent proceedings for a good contract. APWU argued for expanding postal services, guaranteed hours, and...
APWU Update

VIDEO: APWU President Interest Arbitration Update

VIDEO: APWU President Dimondstein's interest arbitration update on the Postal Service's witness hearings.

VIDEO: The Eagle Always Faces Forward

Today’s United States Postal Service is an amazingly sophisticated network connecting every home and business in the country. It’s the engine of e-commerce. It’s...

Porch Pirate Breaks Leg While Stealing Packages

A "porch pirate" falls and seriously injures her leg while stealing packages from a home near Seattle.

VIDEO: USPS Mail Carrier Delivers in Subzero Temperatures

WNEM 5 catches up with a mail carrier out delivering the mail on foot in the frigid cold blast experienced in the first week...

VIDEO: Postal Driver Plows Through Foot of Snow

A USPS driver plows through a foot of snow in a parking lot. (Source: SuperCar Source via YouTube)

VIDEO: Postal Worker Claims Assault by Supervisor

A 26-year veteran of the USPS alleges he was a victim of 5th degree assault by a supervisor, and little to nothing was done...

Postal Carrier Falls Out of Vehicle

A U.S. Postal Service carrier falls out of his delivery vehicle and the vehicle hits a house. The accident happened in Oklahoma City on...

USPS 2017 Holiday TV Ad: Biggest Gift

The U.S. Postal Service's new holiday TV ad features the heart-warming story of a boy and the small gift that makes his holiday complete.

VIDEO: USPS “People” 15 Second Ad

This is a story about mail and packages. And it's also a story about people. And while the USPS makes more e-commerce deliveries to...