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Mail Processing Overtime Audit Finds USPS Way Over Plan
6.22.2019 – The USPS OIG reports: “Specifically, the Postal Service planned for about 18.5 million overtime workhours and 767,000 penalty overtime workhours for FY 2018. The actual overtime workhours used were 26.7 million (44 percent over plan) and the actual penalty overtime workhours used were 1.7 million (126 percent over plan). This occurred, in part, due to implementation of the F1 Scheduler at the beginning of FY 2018.” – 5 billion less pieces, 5,000 less employees, overtime costs up $257 million! GovExec: After dramatic workforce reductions, Postal Service sees spike in overtime hours Comments (Count)
Postal Service Wants to Slash Benefits for Postal Workers
6.18.2019 – HuffPost reports: “The change to pension contributions would amount to a cut in take-home pay for hundreds of thousands of workers, while saving the agency nearly $7 billion. The change in employee leave policy would combine vacation with sick days, likely resulting in fewer overall days off for workers. That element is estimated to save the agency more than $5 billion.” – Comments (Count)


Video: Amazon delivery driver sends package hurling through the air Comments (Count)
Shreveport pays respects to slain postman Antonio Williams Comments (Count)


USPS runs holiday shipping ads in June Comments (Count)
Amazon in-sourcing nearly half of its transportation needs Comments (Count)


Arrangements made for Shreveport postal workers to attend Antonio William’s funeral Comments (Count)
As postal trucks catch fire, USPS takes on big task of updating its fleet Comments (Count)


Woman thanks postal worker who saved her life after she fell in front yard Comments (Count)
Beloved mail carrier retires, celebrated with proclamation Comments (Count)
Mail carrier recognized for one million miles of safe driving Comments (Count)
ANOTHER ProMaster Postal Van Catches Fire!   |  2017: Nearly 500,000 Ram Trucks Recalled Over Fire Risk  |  Amazon vans catch fire too Comments (Count)


NALC, USPS Formally Open 2019 Bargaining Talks Comments (Count)
Million Mile Awards Swarthmore, Pa. Comments (Count)
Postal worker struck by stolen car in Southwest Philadelphia  |  Critically Injured Comments (Count)
Lobby crush: Online shopping leads to mountains of boxes Comments (Count)
A neighbor’s dog suspends mail service to 38 homes Comments (Count)
GoFundMe memorial fund created for fallen Shreveport postal worker Comments (Count)


South River mail carriers receive safety awards Comments (Count)
Baltimore mailman delivered marijuana along his route Comments (Count)
Amazon Reportedly Interested in Buying Brazil’s Postal Service Comments (Count)
1,000 pieces of stolen mail recovered from Hawaii storage locker dating back 13-15 years ago Comments (Count)
Postal Inspector gives latest after letter carrier shot and killed Comments (Count)
Report: FedEx offering huge discounts to fill hole left by Amazon Comments (Count)


USPS: Delivering the Goods Comments (Count)
Vigil held for postal carrier fatally shot delivering mail Comments (Count)
Post Office to Review Services, Including Universal Service Obligation Comments (Count)
Why FedEx and Amazon are Breaking Up Comments (Count)
Girlfriend of accused postal worker killer arrested  |  Suspect to face federal charges Comments (Count)


Authorities arrest suspect accused of fatally shooting postal carrier Comments (Count)
Would life be grim without postal shipping? Comments (Count)


Postal Worker Shot to Death in Shreveport  |  ID: Antonio Williams  |  Shot in the upper body multiple times  |  Had just sprayed a dog that had rushed him  |  Suspect at large Comments (Count)
Congressman vows city-wide change following recent Graceland Annex report Comments (Count)
NALC: 27th Food Drive a Resounding Success Comments (Count)


NALC Branch 725 Visits MDA Camp Comments (Count)
Mail carrier files suit, says she was the target of racial harassment Comments (Count)
PMG Brennan Offers Update to Employees on New 10-Year Business Plan Comments (Count)


The Delivery War is Reckless and Vain Comments (Count)
Walmart tests autonomous delivery vans for ‘middle mile’ Comments (Count)
Auto repair mogul gets five years for postal truck repair scam Comments (Count)
Snake had cozy life on a mailbox Comments (Count)
Dogs vs. USPS: Dispute over delivery of mail to Waterloo home Comments (Count)
Nebraska town fighting to keep post office open Comments (Count)


Postal Service has invested $330 billion in Treasury bonds for pension fund yielding 2% on average Comments (Count)
Amazon rents more jets to expand next-day delivery Comments (Count)
What it’s really like to be an Amazon Flex delivery driver Comments (Count)
New law makes stealing packages a felony in Texas Comments (Count)
President of greeting card company to testify at Capitol on proposed China tariffs Comments (Count)
Letter: Postal workers enter field with little training Comments (Count)


You can mail a coconut to anywhere in the world from this post office in Hawaii Comments (Count)
In Colorado mountain towns, the U.S. Post Office no longer delivers like it used to Comments (Count)
Fentanyl from China to U.S., marijuana from U.S. to China Comments (Count)


NALC: House resolution supporting door delivery reaches majority of support Comments (Count)
Australia Post delivery driver is caught urinating in a pot plant Comments (Count)


Sedan crashes into Cotuit Post Office  |  Woman arrested after crashing car into Indianapolis post office Comments (Count)
Amazon’s new contracts could displace other e-commerce delivery Comments (Count)
Understanding Next Week’s Postal Rate Hike Comments (Count)


Deweyville family says mail carrier killed their dog Comments (Count)
Cranwood post office to temporarily relocate following car crash Comments (Count)
Postal worker retiring after working 37 years in Seal Beach Comments (Count)
USPS changes parcel pricing strategy, shipping impact unclear Comments (Count)
Uber says it will start delivering food by drone in San Diego this summer Comments (Count)


New video of Florida stolen mail truck police chase Comments (Count)
Senators Urge USPS to Swiftly Improve Albuquerque Post Office Facilities Comments (Count)
Confessions of a USPS worker: Delivering Amazon packages ’till we drop’ Comments (Count)
OIG: USPS Must Better Manage Its Cyber Funds Comments (Count)


Van crashes into Palm Springs post office Comments (Count)
Postal workers caught throwing packages over fence at Florida City home Comments (Count)
Apartment mailboxes broken for six months at Denver complex Comments (Count)
What should Congress expect from USPS’ new ‘business plan’? Comments (Count)
USPS on the hunt for more mail carriers Comments (Count)


Mail truck shot in Clay Twp Comments (Count)
Letter carrier sentenced to five hours in jail for stealing 5,000 pieces of mail Comments (Count)
Former President George H.W. Bush Honored in New Forever Stamp Comments (Count)
Postal worker accused of pleasuring himself in Pasadena woman’s bathroom Comments (Count)
Sprint Works for USPS Employees Exclusive Deals Comments (Count)


Contractor truck burns at post office Comments (Count)
Postal robots take to the streets with backing from Toyota AI Ventures Comments (Count)
Impact of Prescribed Opioids on Postal Service Employees Under the Federal Workers’ Compensation Program Comments (Count)
Postal Inspectors search for woman who stole postal uniforms from laundry Comments (Count)
New T-Mobile Promotions for USPS Employees Comments (Count)


Supreme Court backs Alabama company in ‘Return Mail’ patent dispute Comments (Count)
This autonomous truck test was boring, and that’s just what the USPS wanted Comments (Count)
USPS truck driver killed in fiery crash in Garden Grove Comments (Count)


Mail all over OC highway after big rig crashes Comments (Count)
Florida man injured in crash after carjacking mail truck  |  Crashes after pursuit Comments (Count)


Postal Service suspends service to three Davenport neighborhoods following series of dog attacks Comments (Count)
Rural Kiel mail carrier retires after 31 years Comments (Count)
Is Amazon behind FedEx Deeper Push into Ecommerce? Comments (Count)
Postal regulator urges ‘greater mission clarity’ for USPS in upcoming business plan Comments (Count)


Amazon loses contract with FedEx Express as it builds out competing delivery network Comments (Count)
Cato: Postal Service in Crisis Comments (Count)
Audit finds deficiencies at Albuquerque postal facilities Comments (Count)
No Justice for Charles McClean, Killed by a Postal Service Driver Comments (Count)


FedEx to hire 700 flexible rural and residential drivers Comments (Count)
Ford proposing self-driving mail truck that would enable operator to focus on sorting mail Comments (Count)
Two men wanted in Chicago post office robbery Comments (Count)
Amazon says drones will be making deliveries in ‘months’ Comments (Count)
Nebraska post office keeps delivering, despite flood Comments (Count)


Mail carrier injured in two-car crash Comments (Count)
Hanlon Ends Career With Postal Service Comments (Count)
USPS Baited Worker With Hostile Review, NLRB Says Comments (Count)
APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails Comments (Count)
Left-leaning lawmakers like Bernie Sanders want Americans to bank at the post office Comments (Count)
Eastsound postmaster Donna McNeil retires Comments (Count)
USPS apologizes after letter carrier pepper-sprays docile dog  |  Carrier pepper-sprays friendly dog in Watts Comments (Count)
Mark Meadows: One month later and still no plan from the PMG Comments (Count)
Why Cleveland Wants to Bring Back Postal Banking Comments (Count)


Neighbors complain their mail isn’t making it to its destination from Austin post office Comments (Count)
Postal carrier burned with acid in Raleigh Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Facility Conditions, Delayed Mail, and Staffing Conditions in Albuquerque, NM Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: 17% recirculating package rate on new package sorters Comments (Count)
Retired couple grateful USPS reversed decision in mailbox dispute Comments (Count)
TSP Nest Eggs Growing Comments (Count)
Amazon is primed for a battle royale with U.S. antitrust regulators Comments (Count)
China’s probe of FedEx demonstrates Beijing’s ability to hit back at U.S. Comments (Count)


New TSP Withdrawal Options Starting Sept. 15 Comments (Count)
Bowling Green: Customers Welcome New Downtown Post Office Comments (Count)


20 containers of mail spilled on highway after cargo door left open on mail truck Comments (Count)
USPS Seeking Copyright/Trademark Attorney in DC Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Spring 2019 Semiannual Report to Congress (Pg. 21: Manager bought marijuana gummies and insisted employees eat them) (PDF) Comments (Count)