Postal News Archives May 2019

NRLCA Reaches Tentative Agreement With USPS for Three-Year Contract
5.30.2019 – NRLCA reports: The Tentative Agreement must be ratified by a majority of the voting membership of the NRLCA to become effective. The contract includes a 4.2% total compensation increase for the term of the agreement. – Comments (Count)

New Model Mail Truck Catches on Fire in Houston
5.26.2019 – ABC 13 in Houston, Texas has reported on a USPS mail truck catching fire in a southwest Houston neighborhood. Correct us if we’re wrong, but that appears to be a new model Dodge Promaster delivery vehicle burning in the video. The Promaster vehicles have been rushed into service (ahead of a planned Next Generation Delivery Vehicle program) due (in part) to hundreds of older model LLVs burning in the same fashion. – Comments (Count)


Louisiana postal manager receives 2 1/2 year prison sentence for theft of $630,000 worth of stamps Comments (Count)
Postal carriers reporting menacing behavior in Canton Comments (Count)
Million Mile Awards – Clifton Heights Comments (Count)
Postal carrier caught on camera spraying dog with pepper spray in Upper Arlington Comments (Count)
Dark web vendor tripped up by using postage meter, feds say Comments (Count)


FedEx to Launch Sunday Ground Deliveries (and redirect nearly all shipments now tendered by USPS into FedEx’s own network) Comments (Count)
Drug traffickers’ favorite way to move fentanyl is Fedex and USPS Comments (Count)
Fire department rescues mail truck from floodwaters Comments (Count)
Infographic: Postal Service’s Plummeting Cash Position: Key Things to Know Comments (Count)
Postal Reform Negligence Threatens Public Safety Comments (Count)
Couple leads petition against post office mural that has a topless Native American woman Comments (Count)
West Town Residents Alarmed at Recent Mail Thefts Comments (Count)
Case involving teen accused of fatally shooting postal worker turns federal Comments (Count)
Survey finds widespread dissatisfaction with mail service in Bexley area Comments (Count)
Chicago: Postal Service vows to improve service at community meeting Comments (Count)


Rats in Albuquerque post office cause $9,500 citation (with photos) Comments (Count)
Car Crashes Into Watertown Post Office Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Bids Farewell Comments (Count)
Albuquerque post offices still dealing with rats Comments (Count)
Fightin’ Iron: The USMC and the Postal Service Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: High Throughput Package Sorters at the Queens, NY Processing and Distribution Center Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Delivers on Service Outage Probe and Five-Year Strategic Plan Comments (Count)
Where is the U.S. D-Day 75th Anniversary Stamp? Comments (Count)
Postal Service Delivers 81-Year-Old Christmas Card to Billings Woman Comments (Count)
Robo-Deliveries Are Now Reality in China Comments (Count)


Perhaps we need the USPS to restore trust in digital communications Comments (Count)
Commentary: Flawed business model hurts USPS Comments (Count)


Man pulls gun on Amazon driver, forces him to rake driveway Comments (Count)
So this is what happened to a truckload of ballots that went missing Comments (Count)


Letter carriers form procession of mail trucks to honor coworker who passed away Comments (Count)
British locomotive used on poster featuring new USPS train stamp Comments (Count)
Mailman’s last day on the job will move you to tears  |  GoFundMe: Send Mr. Floyd to Hawaii Comments (Count)
Ford shows off package delivery robot that arrives by self-driving van Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Do First-Line Supervisors Have Adequate Resources to Perform Their Duties? Comments (Count)
Continual mail mixups in Ohio City, Tremont leaves neighbors frustrated Comments (Count)
Richmond-area post offices fined thousands for unsafe working conditions Comments (Count)
UK postal service to deliver packages twice a day Comments (Count)
Video: Illinois postal worker cheers for teen playing basketball Comments (Count)
Self-Driving Truck Video Comments (Count)


Wife of slain postal carrier recalls moment she learned of his death Comments (Count)
APWU: Don’t Let the Postal Service Take Your Pulse (Have things improved since the last survey?) Comments (Count)
Rapper Ice-T says he almost shot Amazon delivery driver creeping up to his crib Comments (Count)


Duo cashes nearly $40K in checks stolen from post office Comments (Count)
Johns Island residents frustrated with mail delivery Comments (Count)
Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for USPS Comments (Count)
Postal Service Warns of Fake Delivery Notices Comments (Count)


Postal Service Rolls Out Big Changes for Highway Mail Haulers Comments (Count)
Postal worker retires with four decades of experience Comments (Count)
Amazon a winner as Supreme Court sides with Post Office on package delivery prices Comments (Count)
Postal Service: Minot office can’t support mail processing Comments (Count)
Burchett bill: No cluster mailbox requirement in new neighborhoods without local vote Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast: The Trump-Quake in the US Postal Sector Comments (Count)
USPS celebrates national military appreciation month Comments (Count)


Postal worker seriously injured in two-car crash Comments (Count)


Austrian Postal Service is Buying a Bank Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Delivery Issues – Graceland Annex, Chicago District Comments (Count)
Ohio City residents facing major mail issues Comments (Count)


The Hill: Financial Collapse of the USPS is Coming Comments (Count)
Mailman delivers marijuana to house during drug raid Comments (Count)
Some neighbors with disabilities are paying for mail in Kewaskum Comments (Count)


Ocasio-Cortez Puts the Postal Service on the Path to Ruin Comments (Count)
PMG Brennan: ‘Things are getting worse’ Comments (Count)
Postal Worker in Union Dumps Mail, Abandons Truck Comments (Count)
Now Amazon is building its own airport Comments (Count)
USPS employee says she’s not being paid after traumatizing incident on the job Comments (Count)
How much does the USPS profit when they lose your mail and it’s sold at auction? Comments (Count)


Minnesota boy run over by mail truck, life saved by his helmet Comments (Count)
Postal drive collects 6,000 lbs. of food Comments (Count)
Napping postal worker with pistol in lap draws SWAT team Comments (Count)
USPS halts mail delivery to neighborhood for more than 3 weeks due to wasps Comments (Count)
Man accused of ramming mail truck to kill ‘useless’ USPS employee Comments (Count)


Feature meant to prevent mail theft may actually be causing it Comments (Count)
Study Refutes Trump’s Claim That USPS Loses Money on Amazon Comments (Count)
USPS Did Not Meet Performance Goals for 2018 Comments (Count)
USPS vehicles have been catching on fire for years with no recall  |  Car and Driver Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Spotlight on Safety at Mail Processing Facilities Comments (Count)
OSHA proposes nearly $185,000 in penalties against Ankeny post office Comments (Count)


Consumer Postal Council: Postal Reform Legislation Must Uphold Promises to Retirees Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Assessing the Effectiveness of Domestic Competitive Negotiated Service Agreements (PDF) Comments (Count)
Why AOC Is (Mostly) Wrong About Post Office Pensions Comments (Count)
Auto Blog: Mail trucks are catching fire at an alarming rate Comments (Count)
Amazon to employees: We’ll pay you to quit and haul packages  |  Amazon offering $10K and 3 Months Pay Comments (Count)
Mailbox Improvement Week arrives in time for spring cleaning Comments (Count)
Gallup: Postal Service Still Americans’ Favorite Federal Agency Comments (Count)
Delivering help: Postal workers unite for annual Stamp Out Hunger drive Comments (Count)


One-time Minneapolis postal worker addicted to conspiracy theories sentenced Comments (Count)
Mail carrier needs surgery after dog attack in Michigan Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: From mailbox to mealtime Comments (Count)


‘Tough decisions’ lie ahead for USPS in upcoming 10-year business plan Comments (Count)
AOC and Bernie put postal banking back on the agenda Comments (Count)


Eyesore of the Week: Mailboxes of Tribeca Comments (Count)
Beleaguered Postal Service Needs to Say No to ‘Green’ Vehicles Comments (Count)
Postal Service Hasn’t Even Called Family Whose Relative Was Killed By a USPS Driver Comments (Count)
Letter carrier’s heroic response to house fire helps save two dogs, a ferret and a home Comments (Count)
Alliance Report: Be Careful What You Wish For Comments (Count)
Postal worker leaves behind more than mail during nature’s call Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Report: Facility Condition Reviews – Mail Processing Facilities Comments (Count)
New postmaster steps into Adrian post office Comments (Count) loses more than half its value after slashing its profit outlook Comments (Count)
Trump tweets about company in the running for new postal delivery trucks Comments (Count)
Grieving Brooklyn Family Rails at Postal Service ‘Killers’ Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postal truck heads right through floodwater Comments (Count)


Concerns raised about compelling postal retirees to enroll in Medicare Comments (Count)
Familiar face retiring after 40 years with USPS Comments (Count)
Mail truck recovered after being stolen by woman on bike Comments (Count)


$6.3 billion delivery: New USPS truck to be picked this year Comments (Count)
Another Attempt to Let USPS Ship Alcohol Comments (Count)
Who Is to Blame for USPS Delivery Delays? Comments (Count)
NPF: PMG Highlights How Digital Dimensions Are Taking Mail to New Heights Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A May/June 2019 by Roseanne Jefferson Comments (Count)


NPMHU Releases Details on RI-399 Payments Comments (Count)
Consumer Postal Council: Time For The Postal Service to Open Their Books Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: How Well Does the Postal Service Recruit and Train First-Line Supervisors? Comments (Count)
Varmints still appearing at ABQ post offices  |  Rats, rodents and bats oh my Comments (Count)
National Postal Forum is underway in Indianapolis Comments (Count)
27th Annual NALC National Food Drive is this Saturday, May 11th Comments (Count)
Reward money rises for info that leads to missing pregnant postal worker Comments (Count)


Caravan of mail carriers honor fallen post office worker Comments (Count)
Surveillance video captures moment pedestrian is struck by mail truck Comments (Count)


Lil Sherry Postal Carrier Parade Comments (Count)
USPS Completes Next Generation Delivery Vehicle Tests Comments (Count)
USPS truck hits and kills 52-year-old man in Brooklyn Comments (Count)


The Mail Boat Captain of Detroit Comments (Count)
Amazon hiring thousands of delivery drivers in roughly 50 US cities Comments (Count)
Alligator stops mail delivery in Winter Garden Comments (Count)
Postal worker tackles would-be robber in LaFox Comments (Count)
Postal worker blames broken gate for stolen truck and personal belongings Comments (Count)


T-Mobile Amplified Promotion for USPS Employees Comments (Count)
Legislation Introduced to End USPS Pre-Funding Mandate Comments (Count)
Postal Service Adds Five Drivers to the Million Mile Club Comments (Count)
Return of Minot mail processing not physically, financially feasible Comments (Count)
Mark Chute retires as Toledo postmaster Comments (Count)


Postal worker in mail theft case says supervisors need to be questioned more Comments (Count)
Residents on Franklin Co. road says Postal Service won’t deliver to them Comments (Count)