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How a Broken Pay System Forced Postal Supervisors to Take USPS to Court
9.30.2019 – GovExec reports: “NAPS went to court because the Postal Service has violated the law’s requirement that it pay managers and supervisors a salary comparable to the pay of their private sector counterparts and that it pay them more than the workers they supervise. These managers and supervisors help to assure the prompt and efficient delivery of mail and the reliability of postal operations.” – Comments (Count)

UPU endorses compromise to let US set prices for incoming foreign mail
9.25.2019 – Linn’s Stamp News reports: “The day after the Universal Postal Union rejected a Trump administration plan for dealing with a flood of mostly Chinese packages, it overwhelmingly endorsed a compromise plan that will allow the United States — not the UPU — to set the prices for incoming foreign mail. “This is a big deal,” declared Peter Navarro, who led President Trump’s assault on the current international mail system.” – NYT: US will remain in treaty after emergency talks Comments (Count)

Yet Another Impasse at the Postal Service as Two More Labor Contracts Expire
9.23.2019 – GovExec reports: “USPS and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union have agreed to extend talks, though the union said the number of tentative agreements the two sides have so far reached is “relatively limited.” The National Association of Letter Carriers, meanwhile, declared an impasse in its talks.” – Comments (Count)

Court Rules Postal Service’s Largest-Ever Price Increase is Illegal
9.13.2019 – GovExec reports: “The five-cent increase — a 10% jump — was the largest-ever hike for a stamp and the largest by percentage since 1995. The court, in an opinion written by Circuit Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee who formerly worked in the White House as director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, called the hike “remarkable” and lacking in justification.” – Will prices now drop? DC Circuit grants postal watchdog’s challenge to PRC’s approval of rate hike Comments (Count)9/27/19


A former Pewaukee postal carrier gets probation after stealing $6,200 from 621 mail customers – Comments (Count)
USPS withdraws contract termination notices after UPU commitment – Comments (Count)
Ordinary Americans finally win in court against USPS – Comments (Count)
SC mail carrier was shot to death with multiple rounds from AR-15-type weapon – Comments (Count)


Waukegan postal worker retires after nearly 50 years on the job – Comments (Count)
Hilo: “Logistic challenges” blamed for USPS delivery delays – Comments (Count)
Yet another mail truck burns down to the chassis – Comments (Count)
Arrest made in murder of South Carolina mail carrier – Comments (Count)


Lake Maloney postal customers say goodbye to longtime carrier – Comments (Count)
USPS offering $100,000 reward to help solve cold murder case – Comments (Count)
Suburban mail carrier investigated after seen on camera kissing elderly woman in her home – Comments (Count)


Massive investigation underway into shooting death of postal employee – Comments (Count)
Up to $50,000 reward offered for information about armed robberies of postal carriers in Ohio – Comments (Count)
National City Mailman Recovering From Severe Injuries After Being Struck at Back of Delivery Vehicle  |  GoFundMe Page Comments (Count)
Two charged with robbing Fremont carrier at gunpoint – Comments (Count)
Waco: Officers flood neighborhood after postal carrier finds blood trail – Comments (Count)


Damaged sorting machines are root of mail delay in Houston, USPS says – Comments (Count)
Mailman taken to hospital after postal truck rolls on its side – Comments (Count)
Bride-to-be’s wedding invitations never made it after USPS facility was damaged – Comments (Count)


Few details on rural mail carrier allegedly murdered – Comments (Count)
Is Amazon using USPS for the big boxes? – Comments (Count)
New book shows and tells the story of Wisconsin’s New Deal murals – Comments (Count)
Historic East Hartford, CT post office headed for closure and sale – Comments (Count)
USPS Seeking Information About Drone Deliveries – Comments (Count)


SC mail carrier shot to death while on delivery route – Comments (Count)
Man who killed two postal supervisors found not guilty by reason of insanity – Comments (Count)
Global postal union meets amid Trump threat to pull US out  |  World postal union rejects Trump’s favored reform plan Comments (Count)
USPS making progress despite roof collapse caused by Imelda – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Taking Stock of Stamp Inventory Controls (Manager sold stamps worth $636,000 on eBay and pocketed the cash) – Comments (Count)


Roof collapse at Houston P&DC affecting East Texas mail – Comments (Count)
USPS Tests No-Box Returns – Comments (Count)


Postal carrier quits job to look for her dog, finds 57 days later – Comments (Count)
USPS temporarily suspends service at some Houston facilities due to Imelda’s impact – Comments (Count)
App to allow time clock access online – Comments (Count)
Phoenix post office employees exposed to chemical leak – Comments (Count)


T-Mobile Amplified Promotion for USPS Employees – Comments (Count)
Three APWU Represented Workers Injured in North Houston PDC Roof Collapse – Comments (Count)
NALC reaches impasse with the Postal Service in negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement – Comments (Count)


Postal worker braves house fire to warn customer of flames – Comments (Count)
Amazon planning to purchase 100,000 electric delivery vans to combat climate change – Comments (Count)
Caught on video: Mail carrier brings woman into truck with him – Comments (Count)


Post office building roof collapses in Houston – Comments (Count)
UPS “Browns,” Company’s Iconic Uniform, Get a Makeover  |  Will postal workers ever get moisture-wicking shirts? Comments (Count)
Hatch Act Education Campaign Continues – Comments (Count)
USPS making changes to your hold mail service – Comments (Count)
FedEx bottom line takes a hit from departure of Amazon volumes – Comments (Count)


Senator pushes Amazon for details about Ring doorbell “partnerships” with police – Comments (Count)
Customer says he felt abandoned by postal workers during armed robbery – Comments (Count)
Disabled couple denied door delivery by USPS – Comments (Count)


Levittown postal workers honored for ‘a million miles’ without accidents – Comments (Count)
Court: USPS Missouri letter carrier’s suit against PMG alleging Rehabilitation Act violations can move forward – Comments (Count)
Boris has Brexit, Trump has Pexit – Comments (Count)
Kobe! USPS worker caught on video yeeting package across Minneapolis lawn – Comments (Count)
Postal Banking: Has Bernie Sanders ever been inside a post office before? – Comments (Count)
Mail carrier delivers a stamped coconut to the San Diego Opera – Comments (Count)


The Universal Postal Union: Why Its Upcoming Extraordinary Congress Is A Big Deal – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Delivery Issues – Ypsilanti Main Post Office (PDF) – Comments (Count)
Federal retirement plans spared, again – Comments (Count)
Former varsity football player now delivers for the USPS – Comments (Count)
How fentanyl flowed through the USPS and across the southern border – Comments (Count)
Carrier Scanner Safety Messages – Comments (Count)


Letter Carrier Mary Granados laid to her final rest  |  $47,000 raised – Comments (Count)
Asbestos removal closing a south Minneapolis post office for more than a week – Comments (Count)
USPS employees know these 9 interesting post office facts… do you? – Comments (Count)
New TSP Options Available September 15th – Comments (Count)


U.S. lawmakers demand Amazon cut last-mile contractor ties – Comments (Count)
APWU: Postal workers will serve as key witnesses in next arbitration session – Comments (Count)
Slain postal worker’s family receives special recognition in Louisiana – Comments (Count)


Theft ring pried $300K in checks from USPS mailboxes in 5 N.J. counties – Comments (Count)
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: USPS worker pinned by out of control car at back of mail truck – Comments (Count)


Video shows men placing mail bins on Philadelphia street – Comments (Count)
4 Bayville Mail Carriers to Receive National Safe Driving Honor – Comments (Count)
Former rural carrier sentenced to 10 months for mail theft – Comments (Count)
Former postal employee sentenced to seven years for role in meth distribution – Comments (Count)
Philadelphia police, postal officers investigating discarded mail in Hunting Park – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Thieves nabbed after burglarizing mail truck – Comments (Count)


Report stresses feedback, recognition in employee engagement program  |  USPS OIG: RISC Report (PDF) Comments (Count)
September 11, 2001: A Letter Carrier’s Story – Comments (Count)
Police: Georgia mailman lied about being robbed on route – Comments (Count)


Former PMG Potter doing well as head of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority – Comments (Count)
Need holiday work? Consider the USPS – Comments (Count)
Postman honored with largest mural in Washington, D.C. – Comments (Count)
UPS to hire 100,000 workers this holiday season and pay $14 to $30 an hour – Comments (Count)


Five Nantucket post office employees sent to hospital after white powder fell on packages – Comments (Count)
Marcellus post office gets ready to reopen 2 weeks after mercury spill – Comments (Count)
Redacted Charter Flight Report (PDF) – Comments (Count)


Community welcomes back post office eight years after tornado – Comments (Count)
This retired USPS delivery truck has a V-8 engine – Comments (Count)


USPS charter flights have a big, mysterious problem – Comments (Count)
50 Homemade M-80s Intercepted by Postal Workers in Virginia – Comments (Count)
Postal worker who shot gun inside mail truck shouldn’t have had weapon on him – Comments (Count)
Homeowner: ‘I just want my fence fixed’ after mailman destroyed it – Comments (Count)


Spill at Marcellus Post Office Involves 8 Pounds of Mercury – Comments (Count)
Trump criticizes USPS efforts to combat flow of dangerous drug fentanyl from China – Comments (Count)
Family pleads for tips after postal worker’s murder – Comments (Count)
Human cost of Amazon’s fast, free shipping – Comments (Count)
Fisher’s Career Path Takes Her to Postal Commission – Comments (Count)


Canton postal worker behind bars after gun goes off in mail truck  |  Postal worker arrested Comments (Count)
$25K Reward Offered After Shots Fired at Postal Worker – Comments (Count)
Patrick R. Donahoe Purchases 760 Shares of Postal Realty Trust  |  Postal Realty Trust Comments (Count)
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Area Case Management – Comments (Count)
Sprint Sizzling Weekend Deals for USPS Employees – Comments (Count)


Marcellus post office mercury spill is much larger than public originally told – Comments (Count)
U.S. to leave global postal union barring last-minute action; exit could send global parcel rates soaring – Comments (Count)
Donnie Ferrell sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering Dallas postal worker in road rage incident – Comments (Count)
Postal worker accidentally stabbed in St. Charles County – Comments (Count)
USPS Delays New Mail Truck Choice to 2020 – Comments (Count)


USPS worker accused of forging doctor’s note – Comments (Count)
USPS delivery problems spike in Philly neighborhoods – Comments (Count)
eBay opposes USPS withdrawal from Universal Postal Union – Comments (Count)
Postal Service suspended for parts of Florida due to Hurricane Dorian – Comments (Count)
One of last bits of footage of Mary Granados seen on doorbell cam – Comments (Count)


After Odessa shooting kills postal worker, local mail carriers reflect on worker safety, meaning of Labor Day – Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A September/October 2019 by Roseanne Jefferson – Comments (Count)
$30,000+ raised at GoFundMe for slain letter carrier – Granados was on the phone with her twin sister when incident happened Nearing the end of her shiftNALC Statement Comments (Count)


Mary Granados: A Tribute to the Odessa Postal Worker Shot and Killed – Witness: Mail carrier pleaded with shooter before being shot in hip and head Just made regular carrier last week? GoFundMe page Comments (Count)