Postal News Archives September 2019


Video shows men placing mail bins on Philadelphia street – Comments (Count)
4 Bayville Mail Carriers to Receive National Safe Driving Honor – Comments (Count)
Former rural carrier sentenced to 10 months for mail theft – Comments (Count)
Former postal employee sentenced to seven years for role in meth distribution – Comments (Count)
Philadelphia police, postal officers investigating discarded mail in Hunting Park – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Thieves nabbed after burglarizing mail truck – Comments (Count)


Report stresses feedback, recognition in employee engagement program  |  USPS OIG: RISC Report (PDF) Comments (Count)
September 11, 2001: A Letter Carrier’s Story – Comments (Count)
Police: Georgia mailman lied about being robbed on route – Comments (Count)


Former PMG Potter doing well as head of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority – Comments (Count)
Need holiday work? Consider the USPS – Comments (Count)
Postman honored with largest mural in Washington, D.C. – Comments (Count)
UPS to hire 100,000 workers this holiday season and pay $14 to $30 an hour – Comments (Count)


Five Nantucket post office employees sent to hospital after white powder fell on packages – Comments (Count)
Marcellus post office gets ready to reopen 2 weeks after mercury spill – Comments (Count)
Redacted Charter Flight Report (PDF) – Comments (Count)


Community welcomes back post office eight years after tornado – Comments (Count)
This retired USPS delivery truck has a V-8 engine – Comments (Count)


USPS charter flights have a big, mysterious problem – Comments (Count)
50 Homemade M-80s Intercepted by Postal Workers in Virginia – Comments (Count)
Postal worker who shot gun inside mail truck shouldn’t have had weapon on him – Comments (Count)
Homeowner: ‘I just want my fence fixed’ after mailman destroyed it – Comments (Count)


Spill at Marcellus Post Office Involves 8 Pounds of Mercury – Comments (Count)
Trump criticizes USPS efforts to combat flow of dangerous drug fentanyl from China – Comments (Count)
Family pleads for tips after postal worker’s murder – Comments (Count)
Human cost of Amazon’s fast, free shipping – Comments (Count)
Fisher’s Career Path Takes Her to Postal Commission – Comments (Count)


Canton postal worker behind bars after gun goes off in mail truck  |  Postal worker arrested Comments (Count)
$25K Reward Offered After Shots Fired at Postal Worker – Comments (Count)
Patrick R. Donahoe Purchases 760 Shares of Postal Realty Trust  |  Postal Realty Trust Comments (Count)
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Area Case Management – Comments (Count)
Sprint Sizzling Weekend Deals for USPS Employees – Comments (Count)


Marcellus post office mercury spill is much larger than public originally told – Comments (Count)
U.S. to leave global postal union barring last-minute action; exit could send global parcel rates soaring – Comments (Count)
Donnie Ferrell sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering Dallas postal worker in road rage incident – Comments (Count)
Postal worker accidentally stabbed in St. Charles County – Comments (Count)
USPS Delays New Mail Truck Choice to 2020 – Comments (Count)


USPS worker accused of forging doctor’s note – Comments (Count)
USPS delivery problems spike in Philly neighborhoods – Comments (Count)
eBay opposes USPS withdrawal from Universal Postal Union – Comments (Count)
Postal Service suspended for parts of Florida due to Hurricane Dorian – Comments (Count)
One of last bits of footage of Mary Granados seen on doorbell cam – Comments (Count)


After Odessa shooting kills postal worker, local mail carriers reflect on worker safety, meaning of Labor Day – Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A September/October 2019 by Roseanne Jefferson – Comments (Count)
$30,000+ raised at GoFundMe for slain letter carrier – Granados was on the phone with her twin sister when incident happened Nearing the end of her shiftNALC Statement Comments (Count)


Mary Granados: A Tribute to the Odessa Postal Worker Shot and Killed – Witness: Mail carrier pleaded with shooter before being shot in hip and head Just made regular carrier last week? GoFundMe page Comments (Count)